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Centre for Imperial and Global History Homepage (History Department, University of Exeter)

Centre for the Study of War, State and Society (History Department, University of Exeter)

Global and Imperial History Network (History Department, University of Exeter)

Oxford Centre for Global History (Oxford University)

New Global History Initiative (Toynbee Prize Foundation, Massachusetts)

British Scholar Society (University of Texas at Austin)

Weatherhead Initiative on Global History (Harvard University)

Centre for Imperial and Post Colonial Studies (University of Southampton)

Centre for the Study of Colonial & Postcolonial Societies (University of Bristol)

Centre for Colonial & Postcolonial Studies (University of Sussex)

International and Global History (Harvard University)

Centre for Transnational History (UCL)

Centre for Global Studies (London)

Global Economic History Network (LSE)

Centre for Transnational History (University of St. Andrews)

Ghent Centre for Global Studies (Belgium)

Strauss Center for International Security & Law (UT Austin)

Historians Against Slavery

United Nations History Project (Harvard Asia Center and the Joint Center for History and Economics)

Humanitarianism & Human Rights (Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte (IEG))

Global History (History Department, UNC)

European Network in Universal and Global History

Global History (University of Vienna)

World History Center (History Department, University of Pittsburgh)

Global and European Studies Institute (Leipzig)

Centre for Research on Colonial Cultures (Otago, NZ)

Liberation (Africa4, France)

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