Registration Open: Connected Histories of Decolonisation Workshop

Joanna Warson
University of Portsmouth
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Senate House, London, 13-14 November 2014
Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of Portsmouth, and King’s College

The recent rise of global history has prompted much reflection amongst imperial historians about the interconnections and cross-influences that existed between and amongst past empires, stretching across vast spatial and chronological frameworks. Taking as its starting point this new trend in historical research, this workshop will explore the connections, entanglements and transnational links between different twentieth century decolonisation processes. In particular, this study day seeks to bring to light the ways in which people, ideas and practices, from both the global North and South, crossed national and colonial borders, and how these connections, in turn, impacted upon on the decline of European colonialism. By going beyond a narrow, nation-state perspective, this workshop aims to break down boundaries in the history of decolonisation, challenging, for example, the divides between the British, French and Portuguese empires, but also, more widely, binaries such as colonial/ post-colonial, metropole/ periphery, coloniser/ colonised.

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