Exeter unveils its new £1.2 million Digital Humanities Lab

This past week, we’ve had some exciting new developments for the study of imperial and global history at the University of Exeter. Introducing the new Digital Humanities lab!

The University of Exeter’s new £1.2m Digital Humanities lab opened this week.  The lab will allow researchers to use high-tech equipment to find out more about our cultural heritage and creative past and share their discoveries with the public. The new facilities confirm the University of Exeter’s position at the forefront of international research into historical and cultural artefacts.

In the space, researchers will have the opportunity to curate digital exhibitions, carry out 2D and 3D digitisation, and create professional quality video and audio recordings. They will be able to create digital facsimiles of the objects, allowing them to be handled and understood in a virtual space, protecting the original artefacts for future generations. Researchers will be able to carry out high-resolution photography of manuscripts and other visual materials, and to record podcasts and videos for broadcasting.

Digital Humanities is increasingly important in all areas of humanities research, including history, archaeology, literatures and languages. The University of Exeter’s investment will allow new activities and training to take place, and ensure that Digital Humanities can be incorporated into undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research.

Learn more by watching this short film:

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