Autumn Term @ExeterCIGH seminar schedule

The Autumn Term is now upon us, and so please find the Centre for Imperial and Global History seminar schedule below for your calendars.

Please direct any inquiries about attending to the seminar convenor, Dr Lyubi Spaskovska.

Date and Location Speaker Paper Title
9 October (Week 3)

Queens Digital Humanities Seminar 2 (B.02) 16-18h

Dr Emily Brownell, University of Edinburgh Re-Territorialising the Future: Writing Environmental Histories of the Oil Crisis in Africa
23 October (Week 5)

XFI Conference Room 1 15:30-17h

Dr Sabrina Rahman, University of Exeter Empire and Interior Design in Central Europe and South Asia: Historicism, Modernism and the Vernacular
6 November (Week 7)

XFI Conference Room 1 16-17:30h

Dr Poppy Cullen, University of Exeter Rehabilitation and planning for decolonisation: Christian Aid, Missionaries, and Mau Mau
20 November (Week 9)

XFI Conference Room 1 16-17:30h

Dr Meenal Shrivastava, Athabasca University Gandhi’s Women Satyagrahis: Why do they matter in studying contemporary social-political trends?
4 December (Week 11)

XFI Conference Room 1 16-17:30h

Dr Rebecca Williams, University of Exeter Bodies of Democracy: Population Control, “Unmet Needs”, and Rule by Consent in Post-1947 India
11 December (Week 12) XFI Conference Room 2 16:30-18h Dr Yasmin Khan, University of Oxford Denial and Decolonization: Britain and the afterlives of Indian rule