Spring Term @ExeterCIGH Seminar Schedule

The Spring Term is now upon us, and so please find the Centre for Imperial and Global History seminar schedule below for your calendars.

Please direct any inquiries about attending to the seminar convenor, Dr Lyubi Spaskovska.

Date and Location (Term 2) Speaker Paper Title
20th January 2021 (Week 2), 17:00h


CIGH-CMHS joint event

John Siblon (Birkbeck)

Commemoration as imperial hierarchy: The memorialization of African, Asian and Caribbean seamen after the First World War
3rd February 2021 (Week 4), 15:30h Cyrus Schayegh (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies,


The Middle East in the world: a modern history in documents


24th February 2021 (Week 7), 15:30h Kama Maclean (Heidelberg University) Coercive Institutions and the crisis of collaboration in late colonial India


3rd March 2021 (Week 8), 17:00h CIGH-CMHS joint event

Anyaa Anim-Addo (University of Leeds)

“Miss Jenny” in port: leisure and labour mobilities in the post-slavery Caribbean
17th March 2021 (Week 10), 15:30h


Joint event with Violence

Sarah Dunstan (Queen Mary University, London)

Race, Rights and Reform: Black Activism in the French Empire and the United States from World War I to Cold War


24th March 2021 (Week 11), 17:00h


Gajendra Singh in conversation with Neilesh Bose (University of Victoria) South Asian Migrations in Global History