Richard Toye on the Iraq War 20 years on

Professor Richard Toye (University of Exeter) weighs in on the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq for International Affairs and TRT World.

Symposium: The Iraq war 20 years on

Oula Kadhum, Louise Fawcett, Richard Toye, Aysegül Kibaroglu, and Ramazan Caner Sayan
International Affairs

20 years on from the start of the Iraq war, the conflict continues to cast a long shadow. In this blogpost we bring together contributors to International Affairs to discuss the war’s impact on contemporary international relations. From its lasting effects on the Iraqi diaspora and Iraq’s water system to the long-term shifts it triggered in the wider politics of the Middle East and British foreign policy, the authors of this symposium outline some of the many ways in which the Iraq war still shapes international politics. [continue reading]

Roundtable: Iraq war: what legacy 20 years on

TRT World

20 years ago, after months of diplomatic wrangling at the UN, a US-led coalition invaded Iraq. The opening salvoes were described as ‘shock and awe’, and the invading countries claimed to want to remove Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, change the regime, and spread democracy to the Middle East. So what happened? Guests: Abdulrazzaq Al-Saiedi Technical expert on Iraq at Physicians for Human Rights Oula Kadhum Postdoctoral Fellow in Lund University and Fellow in International Migration at LSE Richard Toye Professor of Modern History at the University of Exeter