International Security: Is It as Bad as It Seems?

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A Lecture by Dr Jamie Shea, NATO
Date: 20 November 2014
Time: 18:00 to 19:45
Place: Alumni Auditorium

[Editor’s note: The talk is being hosted as part of the HASS Strategy Global Uncertainties theme, led by Professor Steve McCorriston, an Associate Member of the Centre for Imperial & Global History. The talk will be followed by a discussion led by Professor Doug Stokes, also a Centre Associate.]

Certainly, security challenges appear to be impacting on the NATO countries faster, and in less tractable forms, than in recent decades when NATO was able to deal more or less with one major challenge at a time; be it Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan or Libya. Recent events have given many people the impression that the world is sliding into disorder and in some places (such as the Middle East) even anarchy.

Now the Alliance has to return to its core task of collective territorial defence in Eastern Europe, vis-à-vis a resurgent Russia, while being ready for more crisis management and defence capacity-building in the Middle East and North Africa to help the fragile states in these regions cope with the challenge of the Islamic State and other Jihadist movements.  Continue reading “International Security: Is It as Bad as It Seems?”