Interview with Dr. Olivette Otele – ‘Bordering on Brexit: Global Britain and the Embers of Empire’ Conference

The ‘Bordering on Brexit: Global Britain and the Embers of Empire‘ Conference was held last weekend at Garrison Library, Gibraltar. Professor Richard Toye, Director of Exeter’s Centre for Imperial and Global History, interviews Dr. Olivette Otele (Bath Spa) on the question of contested and controversial history and memorialisation in Bristol.

Dr Olivette Otele to Give @ExeterCIGH Annual Lecture – Afro-European Experiences: From the Third Century to the Third Millennium

Olivette-OteleThe Centre for Imperial & Global History is delighted to announce that Dr Olivette Otele (Reader in History, Bath Spa University) will deliver the 2018 CIGH Annual Lecture on Friday, May 4. She will be speaking on

Afro-European Experiences: From the Third Century to the Third Millennium

This public lecture will look into Afro-European identities by studying their histories, from Saint Maurice, an Egyptian who became the leader of a legendary Roman legion in the 3rd century, to 21st century migrants. Its aim is to understand how the notion of ‘exceptionalism’ has contributed to remembering and then forgetting the long history of African/European human encounters. Mainly used in the fields of cultural studies, sociology and arts, the term ‘African diaspora’ has more recently been replaced by ‘Afro-European’ or ‘Afropean’. African or Afro-descent destinies and creativity have led to newly-coined terms such as ‘Afrocentrism’, ‘Afropessimism’ and ‘Afrophobia’, to name but a few. These are laudable attempts to grasp intricate notions in a small number of words. However, as they refer to contemporary post-war encounters between people of African and European descents, they play into the notion of newly born identities. As this lecture will show, there is a much longer history of Afro-European experiences which are both fascinating in their own right and can contribute to present-day understanding.

The lecture is free and will be followed by a drinks reception.

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Further Particulars:

Fri 4 May 2018
17:00 – 19:00 BST
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Bateman Lecture Theatre, Building One
21 St German’s Rd
University of Exeter
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