US Presidential Election Day Roundtable (8 Nov., Exeter)


The final event in the U.S. Presidential series, which is possible thanks to the generous support of the Annual Fund, will be a roundtable chaired by Dr. Sinéad Moynihan (English) and featuring:

Dr. Gregorio Bettiza (Politics)
Dr. Bob Lawson-Peebles (English)
Dr. Amy McKay (Politics)

Dr. Marc-William Palen (History)
Professor Patrick Porter (Politics)

The participants will share their expertise on current and previous campaigns.

All welcome!

The US Presidential Election 2016 Talk

A Department of English seminar

8 November 2016


Queens Building LT1, University of Exeter

The Global Village Myth

Global Village Myth

Patrick Porter
University of Exeter

The Global Village Myth takes aim at Globalism, or the idea of the ‘death of distance’ in the world of conflict. And it takes aim at the dangerous policies it tends towards. I argue that even in a supposedly ‘globalised’ world, distance matters.

Does technology kill distance? So often we hear it. The cumulative message of our news cycle, of debate about foreign and defence policy, is the fear that the global spread of ideas, capital, weapons and people makes our world ever more dangerous. Continue reading “The Global Village Myth”