Academic Arrested by Government of Tajikistan – A Call For Support

[Editor’s Note: Below is a statement from Dr. John Heathershaw that seeks to bring attention to the recent arrest of an academic colleague by the Government of Tajikistan. For further details or to lend your support, please contact Dr. Heathershaw at the email address below. You can also sign a petition at Scholars for Sodiqov, and read more at the Guardian.]

Dr. John Heathershaw
Politics Department, University of Exeter


On Monday 16 June at approximately 2.30pm my academic colleague Alexander Sodiqov was arrested and detained in Khorog whilst working on the research project ‘Rising Powers and Conflict Management in Central Asia’.  He has not been heard of since.  On Tuesday 17 June, it was reported on state news agency Khovar that he was under investigation for ‘espionage’.    Later we heard that Presidential Advisor Mr Khairulloev accepted that Alexander is an academic researcher and he would be released. However, yesterday evening a heavily edited video was shown on television in Badakhshon.  I remain saddened and shocked by his detention and worried about his condition. I call on the Government of Tajikistan to release information about his arrest. Continue reading “Academic Arrested by Government of Tajikistan – A Call For Support”