Invisible Empire: An ‘Imperial’ History of the KKK

Dr. Kristofer Allerfeldt
History Department, University of Exeter

Invisible EmpireHistorians are used to the concept of formal and informal empires. They are used to empires expanding and empires declining. Most are perhaps less familiar with a concept bandied about in the United States from the late 1860s to the mid-1930s – that of an “invisible” empire.

In reality this empire was anything but invisible. Born in the turmoil of the post-Civil War South, by the mid-1920s it had spread to all mainland states of the Union, claiming some ten million members.

It was also known as the Ku Klux Klan.

As with much of the history of the KKK, the origins of the term “Invisible Empire” are disputed. Some claim that it emerged from Confederate General Robert E Lee’s polite request to keep his support for the nascent Klan “invisible”. Others see it as a part of the secrecy surrounding the original hooded fraternity. Whichever origin is chosen, there’s no doubting it was a useful phrase.

Arguing that Lee’s Klan connection was kept “invisible” at his own request was a trump card for those dedicated to the order’s mission of “Redeeming” the South’s pre-bellum traditions. However invisible, connection to the most illustrious figure of the Confederate war effort gave the Klan prestige and legitimacy, not only during the struggles of post war reconstruction, but also when the Klan re-emerged in 1915. Claiming he had wanted his ties kept secret also made it more difficult for either the general sceptics or the KKK’s enemies to disprove his connection with the vigilante organization of Reconstruction – which they all attempted to do.

Membership card of A.F. Handcock in the Invisible Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (1928)
Membership card of A.F. Handcock in the Invisible Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (1928)

The controversy surrounding Lee’s allegedly “invisible” connection also, of course, makes it more difficult for historians now to accurately assess his connection. Early accounts of the Klan repeat the rumour, largely because the order was seen in a generally positive light. In some measure this was the result of a negative view of the Reconstruction efforts carried out in the post-war South. These Radical Republican-led attempts at racial integration and universal education were almost universally seen as the misguided efforts of unrealistic idealists, or viewed as the actions of corrupt politicians. Further, many of the historians writing histories of the Klan from Reconstruction through until at least the 1920s were, or claimed they were related to, members of the order.

The result was that accounts like that of Susan Lawrence Davis (1924) reiterated the myth offering no hint of its origins and making no attempt to show its authenticity.[1] Merely stating the case seems frequently to be considered enough proof by the standards of the time, but Davis’ background tells us much about her real sympathies. She was the daughter of a Confederate colonel and Klansman, Lawrence Ripley Davis. What is more she draws on equally unreliable sources, like the memoirs of one of the founders, John C Lester.

However, unlike previous accounts, Davis even quotes Lee’s words. She has the general tell the deputation asking him to head the order in May 1867 that, “I would like to assist you in any plan that offers relief. I cannot be with you in person but I will follow you, but it must be invisible.” She goes on to explain, “When this message was delivered to the [Klan] convention it led to the christening of the United Ku Klux Klan, the “Invisible Empire””.

By the end of the 1920s the Klan’s position in American society was less secure. A series of sexual and financial scandals combined with revelations of its violent methods reduced both the numbers and reputation of the order. The result was that even apologists tended to veer away from associating the symbol of Southern chivalry and gentility – Lee – with a tainted order of what even its leader had referred to as violent, ill-educated “second hand Ford owners”. Consequently, most historians since the 1930s have tended to see the Invisible Empire as being an example of the order’s fascination with mysticism.

This securely ties the order back to the craze for secret brotherhoods which swept across the United States in the wake of the Civil War. The period from 1865 to 1930 saw a huge explosion in fraternities of all types, so much so it is referred to as the “Golden Age of Fraternity”. College Greek letter fraternities; fraternities associated with particular trades, ethnicities and interests; fraternities formed to achieve certain aims, as well as the more traditional varieties like the Freemasons, Oddfellows and Shriners all prospered and expanded. One estimate claimed that around 1900, one in five American adult males was a member of at least one fraternity, many belonged to several.

The Klan itself had started as a simple fraternity. Around Christmas 1865, six bored ex-Confederate veterans, recently de-mobbed, formed their own fraternity – simply for entertainment. Like many other contemporary orders secrecy was central to the new fraternity. It had elaborate oaths of secrecy threatening dire punishment for those who spread details of the order. It had weird names to disguise the identity of members, and elaborate costumes to hide their faces. When, by 1868, the order had spread across the Southern states and was terrorizing those attempting to empower and integrate the region’s four million ex-slaves, that invisibility proved vital to avoiding prosecution and counter-attack.

birth-of-nation-movie-poster-900Similarly when the Klan was reformed in 1915, secrecy remained essential, not so much for the protection of its members, but more for the frisson of excitement and exclusivity it gave its members as part of a society made even more famous with the blockbuster release of Birth of a Nation (1915) on the silver screen.

As the Klan organisation expanded in the 1920s its “invisible” nature continued to help it. It enabled recruiters to gull fee-paying members into joining an order that never had anywhere near the ten million members it claimed at its peak in 1924. It allowed the organisation to exaggerate its power, by claiming it had members – sworn to secrecy, of course – at all levels of government from the White House down. It allowed the leadership to disavow actions of members they felt were acting to damage the image of the fraternity and disguise the order’s rapid decline from the mid-1920s onwards. Its leadership apparently found the concept of an “Invisible Empire” had much more to commend it than a visible one.

Klan newspaper of the 1970s.
Klan newspaper of the 1970s.

Having said that the concept of the Invisible Empire has proved a constant headache for historians. Secrecy and exaggeration, added to the lack of records and a reluctance of many to admit their own, or relatives, association with the Klan mean that our histories of the fraternity are necessarily to some extent speculative – especially when it comes to numbers. Nevertheless, this very secrecy makes new theories, new explanations and, of course, new histories of the Klan possible.

Kristofer Allerfeldt will be working on a new history of the Klan in conjunction with his PhD student, Miguel Hernandez, in 2015.


[1] Susan Lawrence Davis, The Authentic History of the Ku Klux Klan (New York, 1924).

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  16. E tem mais vou deixar o mundo rico com isso todo o planeta terra é fim da pobreza e miséria na terra e muitas doenças e crimes e terrorismo e catástrofes naturais com essa super inteligência projetista de tudo você projeta e desenvolve e constroe e fabrica e cria tudo a partir de tudo ou do seu pensamento ou de algo que não existe ou pode vir a coexistir existir ou que inexiste algo possível que não foi projetado mais que vem a se tornar possível e eu não estou preocupado se alguém vai projetar algo e ganhar dinheiro eu tenho essa inteligência projetista um super computador bio orgânico quimio químico físico eletro magnético mineral energético um super cérebro posso projetar qualquer coisa em poucos instantes e posso ensinar para as pessoas da terra como se faz ou pensa e vou fazer sim e não tem problema o registro de patente propriedade sera sua o que você faz e se desenvolve a partir de algo de outra pessoa você paga uma porcentagem mínima por unidade vendida ou quantidade pacote vendido a quem tem o registro de algo a partir do que você criou desenvolveu para você é pouco o que paga depois de vender ou alugar para uso e a quantidade pode ser muitos mil dólares ou euros em dinheiro de lucro para todos os envolvidos e se você tem algo e alguém cria a partir de isso ou desenvolve e outra pessoa desenvolve e cria a partir de algo que é seu você também recebe a porcentagem de uso ou pacote de unidades quantidade vendida e todos ganha e o futuro se desenvolve um mundo rico e livre para todos e vou provar explicando por exemplo sobre produtos pesquisa desenvolvimento cientifico e um exemplo fácil de entender como robótica e aparelhos de todo o tipo por exemplo como ser gênio campeão em robótica avançada e desenvolver super maquinas melhor que os transformers os robôs veículos gigantes dos filmes e como fazer veículos que voa e naves alienígenas e terminou a farsa mundial a falsidade mundial de esconder da terra e da humanidade algo do futuro que somente impede o desenvolvimento futuro total da nossa espécie família filhos parentes povo exércitos policia governo religiões e mundo cientifico estou lhe oferecendo o futuro e com isso eu ganho também e vocês ganha também e todo mundo no planeta terra e no universo e ganha também e é fácil de mais aprender e promover o futuro ganhar muito dinheiro e ir para o futuro todos juntos no mundo.

  17. E você se desenvolver algo importante que todos querem pode talvez vir até a ganhar por muitos motivos por que todos querem você pode vir até a ganhar milhões de dólares ou euros ou moeda do seu pais e dos outros pode vender no mundo inteiro com um gigante intercambio mundial de tudo e tudo se desenvolve aperfeiçoa cria constroe pesquisa projeta e fabrica planta e colhe e pode ter seus amigos como seus sócios um circulo como no inicio uma pequena empresa e vou explicar você tem que pesquisar o mercado consumidor mundial as oportunidades as situações e condições atuais e que você pode criar promover e desenvolver para não ter prejuízo financeiro é por isso que escrevi talvez pode ganhar por que tem que fazer um estudo essas analises para não cometer erros por isso perceba que não estou iludindo mentindo e não quero convencer quero que você pense analise e descubra a verdade a partir de sua pesquisa opinião e idéias e você é livre para isso não somos escravos de ninguém na terra oque estou fazendo é lhe ajudar fornecendo uma idéia do que é possível se torna possível e vir a existir por esse motivo perceba não estou mentindo não estou pedindo estou tentando promover um mundo melhor para todos vivermos livres e com futuro um mundo melhor para viver.

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