Applying for Graduate Study in Imperial & Global History at Exeter


The Centre for Imperial and Global History offers internationally-recognised supervision with geographical coverage from 30 staff across African, Asian (including Chinese), Middle Eastern, North American, Latin American, European, Imperial, and Global history from early-modern to contemporary eras. We have strong inter-disciplinary links with colleagues across the humanities and social sciences at Exeter, particularly with the Centre for War, State and Society and the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies. The Centre has particular research interests in:

  • Globalisation’s past and present
  • Comparative empires and transnationalism
  • Humanitarianism, development and human rights
  • Law and colonialism
  • Political economy and the imperial state
  • Europe, decolonisation and the legacies of empire
  • The impact of armed conflict on society
  • Colonial warfare and counterinsurgency

You can see some of our current PhD students here. The doctoral research community is also supported by the new Global and Imperial Research Network, led by our ESRC Future Leader Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Gareth Curless.

The following funding opportunities are available in History the University of Exeter.

A strong PhD application should include the following:

  • Title of proposed project
  • Proposed first and second supervisor (students are encouraged to consult with these prior to applying)
  • 3 page outline of proposed project, demonstrating: research question, originality and contribution to the field, engagement with the historiography/relevant literatures, methodology, archives/sources, and timetable for completion. An additional 1 page bibliography should be attached.
  • Training needs outline – e.g. language training, quantitative methods and database training, palaeography. If student is coming from a non-Historical disciplinary background, this should be clearly stated and any experience of working within History conventions outlined. If the student wishes to pursue an inter-disciplinary study, required training in other disciplines should also be listed.
  • 2000-4000 word recent writing sample, in English.
  • Previous academic performance
  • Two references, of which at least one should be an academic reference.

For more details about applying for doctoral study at Exeter:

If you have any questions about doctoral research in History at the University of Exeter, please contact the Director of Postgraduate Research Stacey Hynd (