Centre Profile: The British Scholar Society (@britishscholar)

British Scholar

For scholars of the the British Empire and the British World, the Centre for Imperial & Global History would like to draw your attention to our good friends at the British Scholar Society.

The British Scholar Society is a global organization of historians and political scientists examining Britain’s interactions with the wider world from the seventeenth century to the present day. Aiming to better understand Britain’s place in global history, the society  seeks to foster international intellectual exchange about this theme.

Their interest is not limited to Britain’s political relations with other countries, but includes the economic, social and cultural aspects of its international relationships as well. One important focus is the study of the British Empire and the Commonwealth of Nations. Among the activities of The British Scholar Society are

  • the organization of an annual scholarly conference (The ‘Britain and the World Conference’), held alternately in Britain and the USA
  • Britain and the Worldthe publication of the biannual Britain and the World Journal with Edinburgh University Press
  • the publication of a book series with Palgrave Macmillan
  • the running of a website (britishscholar.org), providing regular updates about the society’s activities, recent publications in the field of British, imperial and global history, book reviews, essays on Britain’s international history, and much more
  • the organization of a lecture series in Britain and continental Europe

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